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Pleased to meet you! We are Monica and Massimo

14 Years using and working with Aloe Vera, here in Fuerteventura, until we launch into our family project: to produce a cosmetic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller absolutely clean of superfluous and toxic substances.

Products 100% “made in Fuerteventura” from cultivation to processing and packaging. Our productions are limited and frequent, so that the products are always fresh from 0 to a few weeks. We garantize:

  • high concentration, either of the raw material itself, or of the presence of pure Aloe in the products (between 60 and 80%, specified in the labels!);
  • essentiality in the ingredients (without added water). The rest are vegetable oils and plant extracts according to their properties, for specific cases.
  • We use natural preservatives with which we achieve an expiration of between 1 and 2 years closed and 3 / 6 / 9 months once opened.

“On the one hand, it motivates and makes us pride to offer an optimum quality, on theother it is simple common sense!”

The importance of using Aloe Vera free of superfluous and toxic substances.

It is a pity the number of people with skin problems that renounce the excellent benefits of this plant because they think they are allergic, when often the other components of the product have been the true cause of the reaction they have had (we take the opportunity to share that, according to our experience and research in different sources, the cases of reaction to some component of the pulp (transparent, without yellow Aloin!) are very rare and do only produce temporary redness as a consequence).

For Aloe is a medicinal plant, it contains enzymes whose specific function is to bring the repairing active- ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin, the most delicate. It is repeated in several studies that Aloe penetrates up to eight times more than water. It is logical that it is not advisable to mix toxic or harmful substances with Aloe, as they can cause unwanted reactions and consequences much more easily.

“For this reason we consider in ALOE VERA INTEGRAL WAY that an Aloe Vera product that is not healthy in its ingredients and preservatives simply loses its sense of existence”.


The “Aloe Vera Integral Way” project was born in April 2017

We start producing three basic products. Today our line has 14 creams and emulsions for the care and hygiene of the skin and hair in addition to the 99.5% Juice and 99% Natural Gel for special care, everything always absolutely fresh and free of sodium benzoate or sodium metabisulfite.

We are supported by the growing number of clients who remain loyal, with satisfaction and useful advices. For our part, it is just the freshness we want to guarantee which leads us to maintain that, in addition to being “first hand”, want to be as accessible as possible for a continuous and constant sale and repetition of the productions.

With pleasure we are available for any inherent question (properties, products and their use, cultivation and care of the plant…) via WhatsApp, email or SMS. We can communicate directly with you in 

We leave you our 

… and the adventure continues! We hope to meet you!

Monica and Massimo

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