The Aloe Blog

A Mother Nature’s gift

We are talking about Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, with its yellow flower, the most complete in active substances between the three hundred varieties of Aloe that exist. Only a score of them are Aloe Vera, which means they have at least some of the active substances mentioned; and no more than 4 or 5 are used in pharmacy and cosmetics. Althought belonging to the leek and onion’s family (Liliaceae), more romantically called the Desert Iris, its use is not exactly to be inside a salad; in fact, the flavour is not one of the bests.

“It is rather an undeniable queen between the medicinal plants”

It contains in great quantity vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes and amino acids, including the forefather of the salicylic acid, that is, the aspirin in its natural state and, overall, its leaves are unique because of their Acemanane supply, the powerful celular regenerator that our body produces but only until the puberty: it is the substance that mantains unwrinkled and elastic the young skin, which heals quickly and without scar the wounds of kids and the same which maintains their organism resistents.

It also contains strong proportions of Germanium that oxygenates and alkalizes the body and acts as a purifying filter, removes toxins and waste from cells, restructures and revitalizes the bone marrow, reactivates the immune system, stimulates the production of endorphins, calming pain.

“All the plants that contain germanium have been considered miraculous and are: Aloe Vera, Ging-Seng and Shiitake Mushrooms.”

Finishing well her work, our Mother Nature has provided this plant with dulcis en fundo with Liñina, an enzyme who’s work ir to bring very deep this treasure of elements, so that they treat our skin starting from the very low layers of it. Thanks to all of this, this plant is a glory as a healing, rejuvenating, antiseptic and antibacteric treatment, so as, eaten, it has a wide range of surprisingly efficient properties. Our Fuerteventura, with its old, volcanic ground full of minerals, its high nightime humidity and its infinite sun hours without rain, gives life to many Aloe Barbadensis that are not as beautiful and big as they are in other places, where more water refills them, but they are, nevertheless, of the best quality, for they contain the greater concentration of active substances into their brown and dry leaves.