Aloe Vera and Oils: allies of our health

Among the many virtues that Aloe Vera has and we all know, we can identify the ease with which it penetrates through the three layers of our skin (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) with its healing power. With its regenerating properties it “wants” to work deeply by healing wounds and burns.

This is possible thanks to the opening of pores and glandular ducts. By opening is meant a “deep cleansing” of our skin, that is to say the removal of everything that “covers” the pores (a mixture of sweat, dead cells and external impurities).

action of unobstructed Aloe gel
Action on the pores of the Aloe gel

Thanks the saponifying action of the polysaccharides and the amino acids contained in Aloe Vera (read the interesting article: “Active ingredients of Aloe Vera“), all the fat and impurities accumulated in the pores of the skin is converted into easily removable soapy substances. All this allows a rapid and deep penetration of the Aloe itself as well as of all additives which are eventually mixed with it in a product. For this reason we strictly avoid sodium benzoate or sodium metabisulfite as preservatives and any other toxic substance).

Here come the oils into play: usually, on the skin, they resist hours and even days to be completely absorbed. Also, they are photosensible and can easily cause dark spots on the skin or “fry” the hair instead of moisturize them up to 1 or 2 days after you have used them pure. Mixed with Aloe they will sink deep and quickly, giving as result a very interesting and velvety combination, excellent for skin and hair with different needs.

How to use oils with our Natural Gel

We advise you to prepare from time to time just the amount of mixture that will be used, instead of mixing them in a bottle. This, up to avoid that it oxidizes too quickly because of bacteria (Then it will turn in to the characteristic dark reddish/violet coloration, besides giving off a bad smell).

It goes easy to put a bit of Gel in your hand and just add 1 or 2 drops of the oil you have chosen, and use directly. You will be amazed from the texture and its spreading effect.

With a few drops of almond, argan or olive oils, Aloe gel becomes perfect to moisturize and nourish the driest skin and hair ( used pure instead, it will be hydrating but no moisturizing and skin and hair will tend to dry out).

With a bit of Calendula, it calms itching and redness, allergies, irritations and sunburn, stitches… With Tea Tree and its antibacterial power, it can replace synthetic ointments in the treatment of acne, fungus and athlete’s feet. Arnica will get much better to aching and tensed muscles if it is applied together with Aloe. Nothing better than Aloe and Rosehip oil against stretch marks, scars and wrinkles; or Aloe and Argan oil for dry skin/hair or fragile nails. And so on …

Our Hydro Cream is also suitable as a base, ideal for very dry, cracked skin, eczema or psoriasis (but not if inflamed or open wounded, in which case you need the gel!).

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At Aloe Vera Integral Way we use Sodium Levulinate, a 100% natural origin preservatives obtained from starch and vegetable inulin, which has been shown to control the colonies of microorganisms without altering the other ingredients included in the product. It is especially used in the conservation of fresh ingredients.